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For any enquiries, please contact SESAMi Customer Care at:
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Please read through the following chapters for better understanding to the benefits, subscription plans and registration process before you proceed to the registration.

Part I: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Must I register with SESAMi in order to respond e-RFQ /e-RFP?
Answer: Registration is mandatory for all approved vendors.
What are the benefits of signing up as a Registered Supplier ?
Answer: Supplier will benefit by participating this program with many more value added services made available through our community program. Example:

  • Able to retrieve and manage RFQ, Tender/RFP, eliminating the problem of missing RFQs & Tenders/RFP’s and Quotations.
  • Suppliers will be coached by our Professional Consultants to use our system.
  • Suppliers will be given the chance to participate the business opportunities with other SESAMi large Buying Organisations (Singtel, NHG, SATS, STEE and SRC) through our e-Request to Participate (e-RTP) to RFQ and RFP published on our portal.
  • 3. Do I need to pay to SESAMi for the registration with SESAMi to use the e-Procurement System? What are the fees applicable?
    Answer: Please refer to below fee structure table and services entitled:

    Notes: *Annual PO Value is the total PO value transacted between CAG and the Supplier, accumulated over 12 months from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. There is no registration / subscription fee required for participating in CAG’s business opportunities.
    4. How can I contact SESAMi for Clarification or Assistance
    Answer: you can send email to OR schedule a callback service with SESAMi customer service office through below link:

    Schedule A Callback
    Part II: The Complete Registration Process

    1. Supplier Submit Online Registration and Provide Payment Mode
    2. Supplier Receive Form in pdf Format Through Email with Submitted Details
    3. Supplier Print and Sign the Form, send the Form to us via Mail/Email/Fax
    4. SESAMi Activate the Registration
    5. Supplier Receive Login Details via Email
    6. Supplier Access Supplier Portal Using the Login Details

    As the new e-Sourcing platform will go live on 1 April 2021, your login details will be issued during the last week of March 2021.