Supplier Online Registration Portal

For any enquiries, please contact SESAMi Customer Care at:
Hotline: +(65) 6333 1188 (Select Option 2)

Please read through the following chapters for better understanding to the benefits, subscription plans and registration process before you proceed to the registration.

Part I: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Must I register with SESAMi in order to respond to NUS and NUS High School (NUSHS) ITQs /ITTs and receive NUS electronic Purchase Orders (e-PO)?
Answer: Yes, all suppliers must register for an account in SESAMi before you can respond to NUS and NUSHS ITQs / ITTs online and receive their e-PO.
What are the benefits of signing up as a Registered Supplier ?
Answer: As a registered supplier, you will be granted access to the NUS e-Procurement system and enjoy the following SESAMi value-added services through our community program:

  • View and respond to ITQ, ITT electronically, eliminating the problem of missing ITQs and ITTs.
  • View and acknowledge e-PO and e-PO amendments from NUS and NUSHS.
  • Suppliers will be coached by our Professional Consultants to use our system.
  • Suppliers will be alerted to business opportunities from other large corporations who are also onboard SESAMi system, such as Singtel, National Healthcare Group, Changi Airport Group, SATS, STE Engineering, Wildlife Reserve Singapore and Singapore Refining Company.
  • 3. Do I need to pay for the registration with SESAMi to use the e-Procurement System? What are the fees applicable?
    Answer: Please refer to below fee structure table and services entitled below:

    4. How can I contact SESAMi for Clarification or Assistance
    Answer: You can contact SESAMi Customer Care at Tel: (65) 6333 1188 choose option 2 OR Email: OR schedule a callback service with SESAMi customer service office through below link:

    Schedule A Callback
    Part II: The Complete Registration Process

    1. Supplier Submits Online Registration and Provide Payment Mode (Payment Mode is applicable only if additional User Id is required)
    2. Supplier Receives Forms in pdf Format through Email with Submitted Details
    3. Supplier Prints and Signs the Forms, send the Forms to us via Mail/Email (GIRO form via Mail ONLY)
    4. SESAMi Activates the Registration
    5. Supplier Receives Login Details via Email
    6. Supplier Accesses Supplier Portal Using the Login Details

    To register as a Freelancer/Sole Proprietor/Self Employed, please contact SESAMi at or (+65) 6333 1188 (option 2).